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Sponsor Program

The event is promoted by an extensive marketing and communication campaign: over 70,000 contacts data-base among memory related industry (e-mailings).Furthermore , as an official seminar of Computex, the seminar agenda will be reprinted in the official Computex show guide ( more than 100,000 copies)

There are numerous benefits in becoming a sponsor for our events. The biggest advantage is that our events allow your company to directly reach a group of self-selected audience, including the most influential industry leaders and decision-makers. For example, nearly 80% of last year’s participants held management positions and had influences on business decision making.

Many sponsors/vendors view our events as perfect opportunities to create public awareness and favorable image through corporate ID, promotional tie-in, and public relations value. Furthermore, our seminars can help your organization foster B2B prospects!

DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2007 Report

Sponsor brand exposure in DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2007

• Banner on DRAMeXchange Compuforum website

• Logo and links to all conference promotion emails

• 7 emails written in English were distributed to more than 70,000 members

• One full-color advertising page (A4 size) in seminar handout material
over 300 brochures were distributed to industry players

• Logo on items or signage at event

• Display Poster in conference room

• Logo on-screen during conference breaks

• Company name in conference press releases


2008 Sponsorship program

We appreciate your interest in this sponsorship opportunity!! Our sponsor packages are designed to provide clear brand exposure for your organization. You can choose to sponsor a single event or sponsor our annual forum series (two events). Please take a brief moment to look at the corresponding benefits of our different packages below and get back to us.

Single Event Sponsorship: Computex Taipei or China high-tech Fair
Annual Sponsorship: Computex Taipei and China high-tech Fair

Silver Sponsor
• 10 complementary tickets
• Links to all conference related emails
• Logo and link to conference websites
• Permission to send one email to opt-in attendees via DRAMeXchange
• Permission to deliver giveaways to attendees via DRAMeXchange.
• Display Poster in conference room

NOTE: All giveaway donations must include the logo of DRAMeXchange.

• Links to all conference related emails(Value: $ 2000 USD)
• Logo and link to conference websites (Value: $ 1500 USD)
• 5 complementary tickets (Value: $ 1500 USD)
• Permission to deliver giveaways to attendees via DRAMeXchange.
• Display Poster in conference room. (Value :$ 1500 USD)