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About DRAMeXchange

DRAMeXchange Technology Inc. is a global leading provider of market intelligence, in-depth analytical reports and consulting services on the memory chip industry.

DRAMeXchange's diverse service portfolio consists of many key areas: market research, conferences, and exchange services for electronic commodities.

eCommodityExchange (eCE), a subsidiary of DRAMeXchange, is the world’s premier trading platform for memory chips. This platform provides investment and industrial professionals with real-time quotes when buying or selling memory chip products.

DRAMeXchange Research subsidiaries
Founded in the year 2004, WitsView is composed of a team of TFT-LCD industry experts. The research field covers the development and market trend of upstream components, mid stream panels and downstream system integrators and retailers.

LEDinside, another subsidiary of DRAMeXchange, offers research information on LED (light-emitting diode). Moreover, LEDinside also covers the technology development, market trend, and financial information of the LED industry on a global and regional basis.

At DRAMeXchange, our ultimate goal is to become known for our research and analytical capabilities. We look to utilize the most precise standards of statistics in delivering the most reliable and accurate studies of the memory industry. Furthermore, we aim to always proactively and responsively offer knowledgeable service to customers as well as our web users.

There are a total of 62,000 registered members from over 200 countries/regions.