DRAMeXchange Memory Forum

DRAMeXchange is pleased to provide an opportunity for the industry to address those topics head-on, as well as to network with key industry leaders at the first Annual DRAMeXchange Conference. DRAM chipmakers need a more flexible capacity allocation plan and more real-time market intelligence to stay competitive.The 2006 DRAMeXchange Conference will feature detailed insight of market trends of memory industry, as well as DRAM/NAND Flash sufficiency, pricing trend and applications.

DRAMeXchange Memory Forum 2006
Time Session Topic Speaker
08:30~09:00 Registration
09:00~09:20 Opening Ceremonies Looking at Trillions of stars LIU, C L, Ph. D.
DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.
09:20~09:50 A1 DDR3, FBD and Powersaving Technology - Next Generation of DRAM solutions

Olaf Schoenfeld, Ph. D.
Marketing Director of Computing DRAM,
Qimonda Taiwan.
09:50~10:20 A2 DRAM Market Trend Mr. Peter Chen-Tow Ting. VP of Sales & Marketing
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
10:20~10:40 Networking break
10:40~11:20 A3 The application trend of Bi-stable display on flash memory products Gibson Chen, Ph. D.
Vice President of Business Division II
A-DATA Technology
11:20~11:50 A4 The development of flash memory application

Mr. Dave Lee
Flash Memory Product Manager,
APAC Business Division
Kingston Technology
11:50~12:30 DRAMeXchange Market Intelligence Indicator for DRAM/NAND Flash pricing trend

Ms. Joyce Yang,
Director of Industry Research Div.
DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.


WitsView TFT-LCD Forum

As a neutral TFT-LCD market research firm, WitsView is pleased to have the opportunity to hold a conference at Computex Taipei on June 6, 2006. The theme of this conference will be focused on the Perspectives of TFT-LCD TV Industry. The conference is aimed to have the attendees to hear the viewpoints from industry leaders and also provide a perfect business platform to discover business opportunity.

WitsView TFT-LCD Forum 2006
Time Session Topic Speaker
01:30~02:00 Registration
02:00~02:40 B1 LCD Substrates: Current Status & Future Innovations

David Chen, Ph. D.
Director of Application and Product Engineering Department
Corning Display Technologies Taiwan
02:40~03:20 B2 The TFT-LCD applications and technology trends in consumer electronics market David (Feng Cheng) Su, Ph. D.
VP & GM of Consumer Electronics Display Business Group
AU Optronics Corporation (AUO)
03:20~03:40 Networking break
03:40~04:20 B3 The Latest Backlighting Market and Technology Trend

John C. Pan, Ph. D.
Executive Director, Forhouse Corporation
04:20~05:00 WitsView Market Intelligence Global TFT-LCD Market Perspective

Mr. Henry Wang
WitsView Technology Corp.


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