DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2007 Speaker List

DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2007 is aimed to have the attendees to hear the viewpoints from industry leaders and also provide a perfect business platform to discover business opportunity.

Listed in speaking order.

Speakers' Name: LIU, CL, Sc. D.
Job title: Chairman
Company name: DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.
Topic: Opening Ceremonies

Dr. C. L. Liu received his Sc.D. degree (1962) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1962-72) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1972-98), and served as President and Professor of Computer Science at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan from 1998 to 2002.
In addition, he serves as Board member and consultant at a number of high tech companies in Taiwan, and is active in educational as well as charitable services on a worldwide basis. His expertise is in the semiconductor area, particularly in the design and manufacturing aspects.

He is a member of Academia Sinica, a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Speakers' Name: Mr. Robert Feurle
Job title: Vice President & General Manager Business Unit Graphics
Company name: Qimonda AG
Topic: Latest trend in graphics RAM - GDDR5

Mr. Feurle is Vice President of Qimonda AG and General Manager of the Business Unit Graphics, located in the Qimonda head quarter in Munich (Germany). In his role as GM of the Business Unit Graphics he heads the overall graphics DRAM business of Qimonda, containing the global marketing and operation activities as well as all GDDRx development projects and the respective technology shrinks.


Speakers' Name: Alex Wang Ph. D.
Job title: VP of Product Strategy
Company name: Powerchip Semiconductor
Topic: New era of 12-inch fab/ DRAM market outlook

Alex Wang received his Ph. D. degree in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently the Vice President of Product Strategy, Powerchip Semiconductor.

In 1996-2000, he was President and CEO of Programmable Microelectronics Corporation (PMC). In 2001-2005, he became Corporate VP and GM of Memory IC Business Group, Winbond Electronics Corp.

Alex Wang joined Powerchip Semiconductor in 2005, where he also has many years of experience in the memory industry.

Speakers' Name: Ms. Joyce Yang
Job title: Vice President of Industry Research Division
Company name: DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.
Topic: Future Outlook of the DRAM Industry

Joyce Yang is the VP of memory Industry Research Division. She is responsible for in-depth analysis, evaluation, forecasting, and research of DRAM areas.

Joyce Yang received a M.S. Finance degree from Texas A&M University. She worked as a DRAM product manager in charge of DRAM pricing forecast and procurement for three years in a top module house in San Jose, California USA. She has worked in DRAMeXchange since September 2003 and contributed foresight and insightful analysis on DRAM research in past 4 years.

Speakers' Name: Mr. Jeff Chen
Job title: PC Research Analyst
Company name: DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.
Topic: Current Status & Future Outlook of NB Industry






Speakers' Name: Mr. Jerry Shen
Job title: General manager
Company name: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Topic: Current status & Future Outlook of PC Market

Jerry Shen received a M.S. degree from National Taiwan University in EE. He has more than 23 years of professional experience in the RD and engineering fields. He worked in Acer INC. from 1988 to 1994. Beginning from 1994, he joined ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC, serving as Associate VP of RD from 1994 to 2002. He was primarily in charge of M/B, Server, and Workstation. He served as VP in the RD division from 2002 to 2006, responsible for the M/B, Barebone, Game Console, VGA, Digital Home Product.

He is currently the ASUSTeK Corporate VP and President of ASUS Open Optimal Platform, where he covers the Motherboard Business Unit, VGA Business Unit, Desktop Business Unit, Power and Chassis Business Unit, Digital Home Business Unit, EMS Business Unit, Server Business Unit.

Speakers' Name: Mr. Henry Wang
Job title: General Manager
Company name: DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc. WitsView Business Unit
Topic: Paradigm Shifts in PC Monitors: Big & Wide

Henry is the founder and CEO of WitsView Technology Corp. In early 2004, he led a group of sophisticated industry analysts with years of experience in establishing WitsView, where they rapidly propelled it to become a leading and professional research firm in the TFT-LCD industry.

Prior to entering into the TFT-LCD industry, he served four years as the Research Director for DRAMeXchange covering the semiconductor industry. Taking advantage of his background in information management, he has been involved in research and quantitative analysis to create and deliver value-added knowledge and market intelligence to industrial participants. Henry received his MBA from National Taiwan University.

Speakers' Name: Ms. Amber Huffman
Job title: The chairperson of the ONFI technical team
Principal Engineer in the Storage Technologies
Company name: Intel Corporation
Topic: ONFI: Leading the Way to Higher NAND Performance

Amber Huffman is a Principal Engineer in the Storage Technologies Group at Intel where her responsibilities include storage performance and architecture. Her current projects concentrate on architectural definition and product development for the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) and Serial ATA storage interfaces. Amber serves as the chairperson of the ONFI technical team, the technical editor for the Serial ATA specification, and as the chairperson of the AHCI Workgroup that defines the programming interface for Serial ATA. Amber has been awarded 8 patents in storage architecture. Amber holds a BSE in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, an MSE from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering, and has been with Intel for 10 years.

Speakers' Name: Gibson Chen Ph. D.
Job title: Vice President of Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
Company name: A-DATA Technology
Topic: Development of NAND Flash Market under Vista

Gibson Chen received a Ph. D. degree of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering (MANE), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States
Majoring in Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Gibson has more than 11 years professional experiences in memory field. He had joined A-DATA Tech. Corp. since 2002 as Vice President of BUII (Flash Memory Product Line), responsible for flash memory product line, including product marketing, planning and application.

  • Creating major product lines, including USB flash disk, flash memory card, card adapters and multi-media USB products.
  • Flash memory quantity increasing 70 times in Nov,2004.
  • Familiar with flash memory suppliers, controller vendors and major production vendor chain.


  • Flash Memory Marketing Strategy – to find the niche of the company and to develop strategy and setup cooperation network with partners.
  • Marketing Communication – exhibit show, internet marketing, product promotion and press release.
  • Setup Flash Memory Product lines – USB flash disk, flash memory cards, and Multi-function flash memory products, such with MP3, with finger-print and with WiFi or Bluetooth products..

Flash Memory Application on Industrial PC – DiskOnChip (DOC), IDE flash module and flash disk.

Speakers' Name: Ms. Doreet Oren
Job title: Director Product Marketing
Company name: SanDisk Corporation
Topic: The Development of SSD Market

Doreet Oren (doreet.oren@sandisk.com) is Director of Product Marketing for SanDisk PC and industrial products. Oren is the focal point for market research, in which capacity she contributes to next generation product definition, including responsibility for positioning and messaging. As an official spokesperson for SanDisk, Oren is responsible for delivering new product announcements and communicating SanDisk vision to the media. Oren has over 15 years of industry experience, and has held management positions in R&D, product management and marketing for high-tech companies, including Magic Software Ltd., Tadiran Communication and Merant. Oren has published articles in international journals, including New Electronics and Embedded Computing. She has spoken at industry conferences such as Electronica and in the Microsoft pavillion ar ESC. Oren received a BSc in Computer Science from George Washington University.

Speakers' Name: Wayne Chen
Job title: Industry Research Director
Company name: DRAMeXchange Tech. Inc.
Topic: Opportunities and Challenges in the NAND Flash industry

Wayne is a Research director at Memory Industry Research Division. He also focuses on the flash memory market. In this role, Wayne provides professional view, in-depth market research, and analysis on NAND flash trends and opportunities. His research includes price forecasts, market share reports, and market trends.

Prior to DRAMeXchange, Wayne held the positions of research director at financial sector where he advised worldwide investors on electronic technology trends.

Wayne holds an M.B.A. from the National Taiwan University






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